Epoxy & Injection

Epoxy injection is an economical method of repairing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns and piers and is capable of restoring the concrete to its pre-cracked strength.


GREENCEMT™ EPODUR – 300  (GE300) is a three parts, high performance, precision epoxy resin grout and combination of specially blended aggregates. After mixing, the components yield a high flowable and high strength grout. The grout is specially designed for filling in narrow gaps between a base plate and substrate. GREENCEMT™ EPODUR – 300 is for grouting gaps ranging from 12mm to 50mm and particularly suitable where long working time is needed.

Packaging: Set – 20kg bag, 3.3L & 1.7L jerry can

Recommended For :

  • Grouting of elements bearing heavy loads such as bridge bearings and crane rails.
  • Self-levelling, flowable epoxy grout on concrete, stone and steel.
  • Structural bonding of anchors, starter bars and braces.
  • Grouting of reverberating machinery such as forging hammers and heavy-duty compressors.

Being a flowable grout, GREENCEMT™ EPODUR – 300 is not suitable for overhead and horizontal anchoring.


GREENCEMT™ EPODUR – 301 (GE301) is a 3-part repair and filling mortar based on a high quality solvent-free epoxy resin system. The special silica and high strength aggregates provide high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. GREENCEMT™ EPODUR – 301 is a supplied in pre-weighed quantities ready for on site mixing and use

Packaging: Set – 15kg bag, 2L & 1L jerry can

Recommended For :

GREENCEMT™ EPODUR – 301 is a material that is used as bedding and underfilling mortar particularly where high strength, abrasion resistance and resistance to chemical is required. The products is designed for horizontal use but also can be applied vertically, generally in thinner sections. It is ideally suited for:

  • Bridge bearing
  • Concrete runways
  • Industrial floor
  • Crane rails
  • Acid tanks
  • Foundation slabs
  • Kerbstones


GREENCEMT™ EPODUR – 400 (GE400) is a two part low viscosity injection-liquids, based on high strength epoxy resin. It is developed to have high penetrability and will cure in crack and cavities ( dry or wet ) with negligible shrinkage.

Packaging: Set – 10L pail & 5L jerry can

Recommended For :

  • Structural crack filling of concrete structures and masonry for bricks
  • Suitable for plate bonding application such as bonding of steel plate to reinforced concrete structure.
  • Fill and seal voids and cracks in structures such as bridge, columns, beams, foundations, walls, floors and water retaining structures.
  • An effective barrier against water infiltration and corrosion.