Provides the right solution of flow able, self-levelling and tension-relieved flooring products which are developed on low-emission and environmentally friendly basis.


GREENCEMT™ FLORHARD NATURAL (FLCFN) is a pre-mixed, ready to use powder designed to be applied as a dry shake floor hardener over freshly floated concrete floor. GREENCEMT™ FLORHARD NATURAL composed of cement, selected wearing mineral aggregates and blended with hydraulic binders. GREENCEMT™ FLORHARD NATURAL is available in various standard colours.

Packaging : 25kg bag

Recommended For :

GREENCEMT™ FLORHARD NATURAL is recommended for surface hardening of floor slabs which was not exposed to serious chemical attack and where uniform appearance and enhanced abrasion resistance are desired. It is suitable for floor areas of:

  • Engineering workshop
  • Light industrial and commercial building
  • Parking areas
  • Warehouses
  • Basement and cellars
  • Loading platforms