Construction materials mainly comprising of Cement, PFA, Sands and Chemical additives are precisely weighed and mixed in our plant. These finish goods are packed in bags. We can produce building materials such as product for tiling, waterproofing, grouting, flooring & repairing in our plant.

We understand that in today’s world where speed and time is major factor, we play an important part of any construction project where we offer the perfect solution. Our plant has advantages of consistent quality, controlled inventory, and savings in time and labor costs.

The entire operations of our plants can be precisely controlled by a centrally located PLC electronic panel. Right from raw material storage to final finished product can be carried out by a single operator. Each stage of production, i.e. administration of formulas, entry of orders etc., is monitored and displayed.

The type of mixers installed in the plant controls the output and quality of the finished product. The specialty additives like polymers, cellulose, fibres, etc. can be uniformly blended along the entire batch to obtain consistency in quality.
Our plant is strategically located in Nilai 3 Industrial Park.

Research & Development

We emphasize in Research and Development (R&D) to investigative activities in the intention of making new discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to make improvement of existing products or procedures. Research and development is one of the means by which we experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand our operations.
Our Research and Development division aims to create new technology or information that can improve the effectiveness of products or make the production of products more efficient.

Quality Control

In our plant, we use quality control process to ensure products meet a company’s quality requirements before they are sold or delivered to our clients. Our quality control in manufacturing emphasizes the importance of thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products to find any defects and to determine whether they meet stringent company’s standards. Beneficiary of quality control is the customer, who receives a high-quality product. This in turn benefits the company by ensuring customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business and customer loyalty. Therefore, quality control plays an important role in keeping our company reputation.

Finished Goods

Product Testing / R&D